Starting Over

Spring is a good time to start over. Which is great, because I need to start over with my health and fitness.

Sometimes it is enjoyable to wipe the slate clean and begin again. I personally savour the first crisp white page of a new notebook, and admire the vibrant white rubber on a new pair of running shoes.

But humans aren't notepads or shoes. We can't erase our history. Therefore its hard to start over, because you aren't starting on a truly clean slate. You are starting with a notebook where the original writing has been ripped out, but there are still remains of those pages in the margins, a scribble up the top of the page, a smudge of graphite. When humans start something, everything that came before is still part of us.

This can make it difficult to get off the ground. We remember previous failures in training. Times we couldn't manage to motivate ourselves to adequately train, times when we became injured, times when we failed to do something despite trying really hard.

We also remember the times we soared. Those memories can be good aims - we can motivate our revival on how it felt to fly that high. But they also clip our wings because we feel just how weighed down we are compared to those memories. It is so demoralizing to realise we have become ground dwellers. Demoralizing to know that getting back into the sky will take a lot of hard ,grinding work.

I believe the key is to immerse yourself in that work. The key to starting over is to just start. Then try to enjoy that grind. Admire yourself not only for being in those high memories, admire yourself also for putting in the effort. I guarantee you any hero of yours will tell you that their skyrocketing, defining moments were underlined by an immense amount of immersive hard work.

So yes, I have to start over with my health and fitness. I feel like I am very much pressed into the ground, heavy and sluggish. But I know that I can work my way back up, back into the skies. I hope that I can learn to enjoy part of the struggle, part of the fight to get there. I hope I can appreciate that failures are human, and that there is value is even just managing to start over.


Do you have any recommendations for starting over with your health? 

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 24/04/2017


  1. I think we all do it every once in a while. Either after a long break (of not caring or not being able to focus) or after just a vacation. I've done both and sometimes it worked by going cold turkey - total cleanup of the kitchen, setting a fitness schedule in my calendar and just sticking to it; but sometimes (like now for example), I'm doing small steps - 30 min yoga classes online, keeping food 80% healthy (according to my standards of healthy hahaha), long walks, nothing crazy. Depends on your mood, if you have a workout buddy, etc. In January after the holidays I restarted my routing by doing a 28 days programme and worked fine, got me back on track. Good luck! <3