Goals & Priorities for March

Long time no write! My apologies, life just got on top of me and smothered any thoughts of posting on the internet.I'll write more about it sooner or later; but for now, later. I'd like to start setting some goals for myself again. I'm currently working up my running consistency and distance, in preparation for starting marathon training in May for Berlin. I'm also still bouldering twice a week and Thai boxing at weekends. To aid ongoing improvement, I'm going to summarise my goals and achievements each month; and report back on my training weekly. 

So, without further ado, my goals for March are as follows:


Consistency and incremental mileage gains: I'd like to keep to running 3 or 4 times a week, and sneak up my mileage week by week. The simple boring stuff that gets us fit whilst keeping us well. 

Getting out on the hills and trails. I prefer running on trail and hill. It keeps me sane and I feel it is also better for the legs. I'm not going to specify a number (e.g. '2 runs a week on trails') as I don't want this to be a source of stress, I'm just going to prioritise 'running happy'. That for me is in the wilds (or comparative wilds for this city girl!). 


Consistently showing up: Whilst I do not feel that I am making many performance gains in bouldering recently, I am always showing up. I have been going twice a week for months now. I love it, so that consistency alone is making me happy. The rest will come. 

Pull-up gains: At the end of my climbing sessions, I am working on my pull-ups using resistance bands. By the end of March, I'd like to be able to do 3 sets of 5 pull-ups on the stronger band. From there I intend to work towards lesser resistance bands... then no bands at all!

Headstands: I have been learning to headstand just for the sheer fun of it. Again, I like doing this at climbing because the soft padding reassures me. That said, it's actually a little harder than it would be on a normal floor because the mats are unstable underfoot (underhead?). I can get up into a headstand right now but am going to progress in stability. In later months I'll move on to being able to move my legs, or onto other inversions. 

Muay Thai

Consistently showing up: I'm a relative newbie at Muay Thai. For March, I'd solely like to focus on attendance at Muay Thai on Saturdays. 


Reduce added sugar: I have a real issue right now with sugary snacking. It is a massive problem and it is making me feel crappy. Something has to give. If I try to address too many nutritional goals at once I risk total failure. Therefore reducing added sugar will be the only nutritional priority for March.


Work on my body image. How I feel about how I look is basically at its lowest point since I was an undergraduate. I think this is partially an effect of nutrition, but I'm concerned it is also definitely partially in my mind. I'm not sure how to work on that so any suggestions would be awesome.


Complete my PhD corrections. Because, man, I need that stress out of my life.


What are your goals and priorities for March?

Post written by Scallywag and published on Scallywag Sprints on 01/03/17


  1. I think your body image might have something to do with sugar. I know I feel fat and whatnot when I eat lots of sugary things - they make me bloated but also lethargic and cranky and always craving more yet never being satisfied.