How Snapchat Is Keeping Me Accountable

You know Snapchat? That app that allows you to broadcast time-locked images or videos to either your entire following (as your 'story') or to select users? Whilst Snapchat is seemingly designed for blogger oversharing or teenage sexting, I've been using it in a whole different way. I've been using it to eat better.

Recently, I turned a critical eye on my diet and did not like what I saw. Loads of bread and loads of mindless nighttime junk food binging. Sugar and crisps ahoy. Knowing myself, I know I need something 'checking up on' me in order to improve my diet.

However, previous attempts at calorie counting have left me anxious and practising restrictive behaviours. I'd rather focus on the type of food I'm eating and aim for wholesome and nutritious. Whilst some apps cover more than just calories, it's difficult to get an app to look at the 'naturalness' or 'no added sugarness' of what you are eating. They will all still flag fruit as high-sugar for example. Furthermore, I don't want an app to berate me for the random Sunday when I had a calorie-rich but totally-worth-it brownie.

So, after a chat with a close fitness-mad friend about both improving our diets, I turned to a source I could trust... her. We didn't want a full diary of everything we ate. It seemed like that could risk us ruminating over the 'bad' things, berating ourselves in private. Instead, Snapchat gives us a 10-second glimpse into each other's diet. And allows the other to comment, or not to comment.

I trust Hanna and I's friendship to allow us to flag concerns without being insulting.  I trust each of us to support the other to share even when the day's diet hasn't been so hot. I'm liking this method of tracking. The dishes do not have to be insta-perfect. It also makes me feel closer to her now she has moved away. It feels like we still share a look into the minutiae of each other's lives.

When wouldn't this work? If you get into an unhealthy competition with the other person. If the focus was on lower and lower numbers rather than on wholesome and hearty food. If this sounds like something you might struggle with, don't do it. If however you have a good friend who also wants to clean it up and you believe your friendship would work to support a healthy eating challenge, it is definitely worth a shout!


Do you track or record your eating habits? If so, how? If not, what ensures you eat well?


  1. Such a great idea! I'd actually love to know what some of my friend's were eating on a daily basis as I'm so nosy! Plus it's a good way to get ideas. Glad to hear it's helping :)

    1. Me too Anna! It definitely helps for the veggie recipes!

  2. Love this! Such a simple but effective idea xoxo

    1. And dead easy too, I think that is why it works! xo