Commonwealth Games Queen's Baton Relay and Opening Ceremony

So, the Commonwealth Games has finally started, and to be honest the atmosphere in Glasgow feels great- lots of stewards in the park and excited tourists looking around. I have tickets for the athletics on Friday evening (next week, 1st), whilst my S.O. has quite a few sessions to see.

When I was at my parents over the weekend I caught the baton relay coming through their village:

Village baton relay- Photo from my IG.

I wish there was more announcement on the individual carriers- it was cool to see but I had no idea who they were, and its oddly anticlimactic when you wait and wait just to have someone jog past with what looks like a fancy punnet of chips.

Our running club president, Des Gilmore, also got to carry the baton past the University, and our coach carried it in Queen's Park:

Des at the University- Photo belongs to C. Gunn
And then of course the opening ceremony last night, where they hilariously couldn't get the lid off of the baton to get the Queen's speech. Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves. Also jeez Louise some of the national costumes (ours included) are horrendous. I also found the dancers a little awkward, although I did really appreciate the charity aspect.
I'll be off to the Commonwealth Games on Friday 1st, where we get to see (among others): the men's 3K steeplechase and men's 10K finals; the women's 800m and 100m hurdles finals; and several 4x400m and 1500m heats. 
There are also a wealth (har de har de har, I'm hilarious) of other activities ongoing in Glasgow. For example on Saturday morning I plan on going to the Run 4 It 4 mile run (at 8.30am from the Commonwealth mascot at Kelvingrove Art Gallery), then there are the arts and culture events associated with the Commonwealth festival, and some 'come and try' sports sessions- Glasgow is going to be busy! 

Are you coming to the games at all? What to see?

Did you see the baton?

What did you think of the opening ceremony?

Any other events you know of that I should check out? 

PS: LOVED the Scottie dogs!


Eating Out Healthily in Glasgow: The Drake

I've been thinking a bit more about eating healthily. However I also eat out A. Lot. Its how my friends and colleagues interact and I love cooking with the S.O. too. So, I need to seek out the healthy (er) options where they exist.

I thought I'd do a few posts ongoing about where I eat out in Glasgow and how many healthy possibilities they have and what I ended up eating. Obviously not all of this food will be perfect food, its more about being able to eat out and have fun whilst also fueling your body well. 

So, the other night I popped to The Drake with a few work friends.

Image from The Drake's online gallery

I ate... Grilled Lamb with Chickpea and Beetroot Salad [special]

Yummmmmmm, really very tasty and the right kind of size- full but not stuffed!

Nice grilled meat with vegetables option.

Was it expensive?

Not really, this was a special and it was £11.95. My fresh orange juice was £2.40.

What else was on offer?

There were salad options for starters (pork belly salad), sides (tomato and red onion/mixed) and mains (roast beetroot salad). There was also one fish dish on the specials menu (sea bass) which would have been relatively healthy. However, a lot of burger, fish and chips and high stodge/meaty options made up the bulk of the menus.

What did I think?

Not the best place for healthy options, but the food and the atmosphere at The Drake are great. Wonderful cosy laid back place for a drink too. My lamb was very tasty and I'd go back for sure. 

I also got a lovely sunlit view of the Charing Cross mansions on my walk home!

Ahhh, Instagram I love you.

To clarify: No one paid me, nor was I in any way encouraged, to write anything about this place. It's just something I've been thinking of starting.