Ice Climbing at Snow Factor

This weekend my dad and I went ice climbing. Decided normal climbing was just far too easy... (Not really! Got a longgg way to go with it). We had vouchers from Amazon Local, so headed to Snow Factor (previously Xscape) to check it out.

To be honest I wasn't overwhelmed by the organisation and company- our guide was late, which in an hour and a half session really cuts into time, and was very 'shruggy' about getting equipment, meaning it took near 20 mins to even get into the 'snowzone'.

He was pretty clear with explaining stuff, but there was a few things I was a bit uncomfortable with- firstly I was being belayed by someone (another student) who had never belayed before. And I didn't trust him. At. All. This was pretty much the reason that I didn't get to the top of the wall the first time and took a long time on it, I didn't want to take riskier steps because I didn't trust the catch if I fell unexpectedly. The lateness plus me being slow on time #1 meant we only got two goes on the wall. Not too bad for £15, but I would have been annoyed if we had paid the full £30.

The Ice Wall that we were on

Secondly, the wall was pretty low on ice- a lot of the foundation gratings were visible through. I know this doesn't impact the climbing that much as long as there is still ice available, but two other walls were closed because they needed redone, and it was clear this one was taking a beating.
Lastly, I know this was just an intro session but I expected still to get some climbing guidance when on the wall. Like feedback throughout. This wasn't given, and in fact the students almost ended up giving advice to one another like 'keep your heels down'. The instructor admitted he never gives advice on session 1.

Now! Enough moaning and onto the actual climbing. In ice climbing you have a pair of spiked boots (technically spiked boot attachments), crampons. These provide insane grip on ice, allowing you to walk down very steep ice and up it. You also have an ice axe in each hand.

Ice axes.


Sunday Summary w/b 25/08/14

At any time, you can see what I have planned for the week above on the diary tab, but I'm also aiming to summarise on Sundays. This week I did the following:

Monday: Kettlebells, went up a weight and really felt the effects on Tuesday. Nice that I could go up, and really shows the need to do lots of variation in workouts- boxing for example hasn't recently been really taxing. However just one session of Kettlebells, which I haven't done in a while, and my arms are dying!
Tuesday: Ran 3 and a bit miles. Recovery, very slow and some walk breaks as my body was done after Kettlebells. I knew my arms were dead, but as soon as I started, I realised my legs were too! At least I fitted it in.
Wednesday: Meta Box was fun and had some pretty hardcore arm work in it- a ton of hard boxing against a mighty dude (genuinely suspect his hook could have my head off if he miss-aimed) and a lot of push up and planking work.
Thursday: Did park fitness. Knackering. Roughly 2 miles of hard running. Did not do another run. Failllllllllll. I was toast.
Friday: Went climbing. Twas okay. Feel like I will maybe need two sessions a week to see any real improvement though!
Saturday: rest day.
Sunday: unplanned rest. Knackered. Demotivated. Burnt out from other things too. Means only one actual run this week. Tragic.

I'm hoping Canada can bring back some of my running love- I'm just not there at the moment at all. Any tips for properly getting back into it? For demotivation?


What did you do this week? (exercise or life chat wise)